The Apocalyptic Property For That End Of The World Peace Of Mind

Sep 17, 2015

The end of the world is a strangely popular topic given the enormous consequences such an event would have. It has been the continuous focus of film and TV in various guises, whether it be an alien attack in Independence Day, zombie apocalypse in 28 Days Later and The Walking Dead, or an asteroid obliterating the world in Armageddon. It’s even crossed genres to become the focus of comedy series like the Last man on Earth.

Although it seems unlikely, certainly in our life time, those that always seem to literally have the last laugh are the ones that have thought ahead and organised fall back plans such as building a nuclear bunker. Well one family has chosen to put themselves forward as the ones to repopulate the earth should such an event ever occur, building their very own apocalypse proof shelter to call home.

Apoc 1In true end of the world style, it is only accessible through a hatch hidden in plain sight, leading down a ladder to the bunker itself.

Apoc 3Apoc 4This then leads to the front doorway of the bunker and on into the lounge area. It’s not the most spacious of properties, so to ensure a stress free start to the new world, you might want to make sure you get along with those you have chosen to save. This said it does have all the mod cons including a kitchen, sink, wood burner, sofa, dining room table, fridge, microwave and even a TV. So permitting the end of the world doesn’t mean the end of electricity, which it probably will, you can live on in relative comfort.

Apo 7To save digging any further holes, or requiring more ventilation there is also a toilet, shower and washer and dryer. Although they all lie within a metre radius of each other, so we’re not sure how hygienic that is.

Apoc 5Like all good homes, the bunker also has a master bedroom for the head of the household so they can get the un-interrupted sleep needed, when planning how to rebuild planet earth. Provided they are going to share the shelter, there is also an alternative dorm room with bunk beds for the rest of the earth’s population.

Apoc 6All in all not a bad effort at preserving mankind, however we’re not too convinced on how apocalypse proof it actually is. But instead of paying out for a small extension for the kids or guests, you can nab your very own survival bunker for prices starting as low as £32,2000.