Last night George Clark returned to our screens to show us just how un-important size is when creating an amazing space to live in. One issue we constantly revisit is the lack of space in the UK and particularly the lack of affordable housing for those looking to get on the property ladder.

These two burning issues are creating a real housing crisis and pushing home-owner ship further and further away from the everyday Brit. The lack of housing in the capital in particular has become such a critical issue that it is the focus of this year’s London Design Festival, launching next week and showcasing great ideas, for small space living.

G.D containerThere has been many examples of space savvy property pioneers turning items such as shipping containers, into liveable properties. In fact one of our favourite Grand Design builds is a great example of just that. However unless you have the money and know how to do so, even these simple, cost effective builds can seem a step too far for the average aspirational property buyer. Not only this but such endeavours, although quirky, have the negative stigma of being cheap and lacking in design.

box 3But this doesn’t have to be the case and this year’s Decorex exhibition (20-23rd September) at Syon Park in west London will hopefully go some way in proving this. On show will Bert and May’s first box house, a modular home range that can be built in 14 weeks and assembled in just one day!

Box 2At 540 square feet, the mini homes comfortably house two bedrooms, a bathroom and an open plan kitchen and living room. With a retail value of around £225,000, they aren’t cheap, but are considerably cheaper than the London average of half a million. However the first to be manufactured will be sold off at auction at the exhibition, so the potential of a bargain is high. Box 1But if this is still a little too un-affordable, there is already a smart home, built from shipping containers, in full operation in Bloomsbury. Although it is a little smaller than the box house at 310 sq ft and currently just a prototype, it is expected to cost just £25,000, just 5% of the cost of the average London home!

Box 4

As the majority of those struggling to get on the London ladder are young professionals, living for the large part on their own or with one other person, we’re all for this style of design!

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