A month from now on 21st October Marty McFly will land in Hill Valley, a small town in California, after travelling from the past via Doc Brown’s seriously modified DeLorean.

Having previously travelled back to 1955, Marty may have been in awe at the house of the future presented in 2015, but it would seem those that created it weren’t too far off the mark. Check out what they guessed correctly here.

What may have surprised Marty more however, is the amount that the house of the future costs, even before you kit it out with all the mod-cons.

In 1955 the average house price was just £1,928, climbing 1,783% to £34,378 in 1985. However when Marty landed in the future, he wouldn’t have expected the average house to cost £190,807. That’s an increase of another 555% from 1985, to when he jumps forward to 2015. If he was to do the same today and flash forward another 30 years where Emoov.co.uk rule the world of estate agency, the same price increase of 555% would result in an average house price of over £1m. Had he have known, he probably would have snapped up a few properties back in 1955 along with picking up the sports almanac.

FBIt is unlikely that anyone in 1985 would have predicted such an increase, however the film makers did get a lot of other things spot on. Consumer technology has come a long way since the 80’s and today everything revolves around one item in particular, the mobile phone.

Emoov.co.uk has surveyed 1,000 UK homeowners, and found that a fifth of them placed the greatest importance on the strength of the phone network, when buying a house. A further 25% placed the availability of super-fast broadband as the most important factor, highlighting the importance technology now has in the purchase of a home.

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Property expert, founder and CEO of online estate agents Emoov.co.uk, Russell Quirk, commented:

“It’s always funny looking back at old films and how they portray the present day. Although the portrayal of 2015 in Back to the Future is somewhat accurate, albeit a little more exaggerated, I don’t think even they would have predicted a house price increase of 555%

Who knows what the house of 2045 will look like but if prices continue the way they are, the average UK house price will be over £1m.”

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