The World’s Weirdest Skyscrapers

Sep 24, 2015

As our cities continue to grow and the number of skyscrapers populating our skylines grow with it, countries around the world have resorted to more abstract ways of constructing these buildings to make them more aesthetically pleasing. We’ve sky scraped together a couple of our favourites from around the globe, that make the man-made dominance of the landscape, a little easier to stomach.

Absolute World – Mississauga, Canada

Sky 10

These 56 storey, twin residential towers are located just west of Toronto and attracted plenty of attention upon opening. In 2012, they were voted the world’s best new skyscraper from a list of some 300 potential entries.

Tour Triangle – Paris, France

Sky 1

The Tour Triangle across the channel in Paris. Paris has managed to keep a relatively uncongested skyline in order to maintain its romantic vibe. But the lifting of a high rise ban in 2010 gave birth to plans to build this spectacular 42 storey glass pyramid, that should be complete within the next five years.

Sutyagin House – Arkhangelsk, Russia

Sky 2

The next isn’t so much a wonder of man-made engineering, but just a wonder as it was man made, by literally one man. 25 years ago a former Russian Gangster began piecing together this 13 storey skyscraper on the outskirts of Arkhangelsk. Of course he did so illegally so it has since been demolished but a good effort never the less.

Cell Phone Building – Kunming, China

Sky 3

In the southern Yunnan province of China they decided to design one of their buildings in homage to the mobile phone revolution. It isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing of buildings but is certainly novel if nothing else. However they may want to change network provider as currently, it doesn’t look like they’ve been offered an upgrade in quite some time.

Fake Hills – Beihai, China

Sky 4

Also in China, this building named the Fake Hills in Beihai, has attempted to make its residential development a little more natural looking. One of very few high rises in the area, the design emulates a natural rolling hill landscape, although we think it looks more like a roller coaster.

Full Moon Tower – Baku, Azerbaijan

Sky 5

Darth Vader has landed and chosen to set up shop in in Azerbaijan’s capital, Baku. The Full Moon Tower has a very strong Death Star vibe around it, so we’re not sure if this is the most appealing design.

Cross Towers – Seoul, South Korea

Sky 6

This real life game of property Tetris is still awaiting the green light. However if it does get the go ahead,  it will be the jewel in the crown of South Korea’s Yongsan Business District.

AlDar Headquarters – Abu Dhabi

Sky 7

Not only does Abu Dhabi boast the world’s tallest skyscraper, but it is now home to the world’s first circular skyscraper. With building designs no longer restricted to steel frames and straight lines, this £1bn building could be the first of many.

Tianzi Hotel – Langfang, China

Sky 8

This hotel, again in China, made it into the Guiness Book of Records as the biggest image building in the world. This depiction of the Chinese gods of fortune, prosperity and longevity definitely brighten up the grey high rise landscape.

Elephant Building – Bangkok, Thailand

Sky 9

Who wouldnt love to work in an elephant? This 32 storey building, fit with offices, shops and luxury apartments was built to celebrate Thailand’s national animal. It was designed in 1997 by one of Thailand’s most celebrated architects and holds multi storey balconies in its ears and the offices of its management company in its tusks.