Ricky Gervais has put his home in Hampstead Heath up for sale and it’s not going cheap, currently on the market for £7,750,000.

Gervais 3

He must have learnt a thing or two from his days playing calculated businessman David Brent, as Gervais has made a tidy profit on the property since he bought it back in 2006. Nine years again he paid £3.5m for the Victorian building and if it goes for asking price Ricky will have cashed in with a profit margin of over 120%.

Gervais 4

Since moving to the property Gervais has splashed some cash on a few things. He and his partner Jane Fallon forked out a cool £1m just to renovate the basement into a luxury leisure sweet. The lower level of the house now boasts a home gym, laundry room (showbiz), a smart swimming pool and top notch golf simulator, although this does have the potential to be something a little more family orientated.

Gervais 2

The property is only a two bed at present, but as you can imagine has the ability to be expanded to at least a four bed. It also includes a sizeable reception area, study, as well as its own secluded garden.

Gervais 1

The property retains a lot of its original features despite the extensive refurbishment by Gervais, including a number of original fireplaces, high ceilings and plenty of natural light.

But the British comedy legend won’t be scrambling for a place to stay while the say goes through. Not only has he been residing in New York and the Hollywood Hills, he’s upgraded to a nearby property, at a cost of over £10m.

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