Apple has fast become a global brand, instantly recognisable by its logo alone. Today people que for hours on end just to get their hands on the latest model of phone or laptop, despite it being the same as their old one but with half an inch shaved off the size.

Apple 2

Well now Apple fans can get their hands on a piece of the brand’s memorabilia that will really set them apart from other Apple users, as celebrated tech designer Ross Lovegrove has put his London house up for sale. The property in Notting Hill Mews doubled up as a work and living space for many years and was the birthplace for the design of both the Sony Walkman and Apple computers.

Lovegrove, whose work is exhibited in cities all over the world, along with wife Miska Miller, has incorporated a love of eco-aware tech throughout the four storey, three bed property.

Apple 1Located on a relatively quiet back street, the open plan house covers over 5,000 square feet and uses a mixture of materials to partition the property into spacious comfortable rooms.

Apple 3The property is for the large part, a blank canvas in terms of colour, brought to life by a vast and varied range of artwork and furniture. A smart move as a neutral canvass is far more appealing to potential buyers, looking to put their own mark on the property.

Apple 4The property also boasts two home work spaces and a private roof terrace, but the real show stopper is the spiral staircase that stretches up through its four floors.

Apple 5Unfortunately at £12million, the house will cost you a tad more than the latest I-Phone, so budding Apple fans may want to pass on the next model, in order to save a bit of cash.




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