A Real Toy Story

Oct 27, 2015

You might remember a few weeks back, we brought you a real life Simpson’s kitchen, recreated to a very accurate standard. Well now we have something even better!

Toy Story 1

A bunch of Toy Story die-hards have re-created Andy’s room from the film, right down to every last tiny little detail.

Toy Story 6

The Live Action Toy Story 3 Project has been charting their progress via social media and the results are awesome! Complete with full cast, they have painstakingly put together a truly Pixar worthy set, complete with toy chest, wall chart and even the Magic 8 Ball.

Toy Story 4 Toy Story 2

They have recreated the room to such high detail, that it’s hard to tell which is a shot of the room and which is a scene from the film itself.

toy Story 7 Toy Story 3

They’ve even recreated a number of scenes from the film and posted a sneak peak of Molly’s room.

Toy Story 5

There is a wealth of update videos available on their You Tube account but here’s a sneak peak.