Battle Of The Amenities: Which Make The Top Five In Importance To Potential Buyers?

Oct 29, 2015

When selling a house, the close proximity to local amenities, or even just their presence in the area, can be a selling point to potential buyers. But how important are they and which in particular take president as the most desirable?

Leading online estate agent,, surveyed over 1,000 UK homeowners via Opinion Matters, to ascertain as buyers, which local amenities mattered the most when searching for a property.


The great British corner shop topped the list, with nearly half (43%) of those surveyed placing it as the most important local amenity. The convenience of popping to the shop for a loaf of bread beat the dominance of Britain’s supermarket chains to the top spot, with the presence of a nearby mainstream supermarket such as Tesco’s, only the second most important amenity (30%) to buyers.

Although not your traditional amenity, the close proximity of the local hospital was also high in importance, with 19% of those surveyed placing it as significant in the decision making process.

The rising popularity of discount supermarkets in Britain has been a fast one. With the cost of homeownership alone, opting for non-branded products has seen the likes of Aldi and Lidl become regular names in many towns and cities across the country. However only 12% of those surveyed thought it was an important factor, making it one of the least desirable to potential buyers.

Eating Out

But whilst us Brits opt to spend a bit extra on our shopping, it would seem that’s as far as we are willing to go when it comes to treating ourselves to dinner, as just 10% stated the presence of a local restaurant was an appealing factor when looking to buy.

Founder and CEO, Russell Quirk, commented:

“It’s interesting to break down the term “local amenities” and see which are actually the most appealing to potential buyers when selling your home. It won’t surprise many that a local restaurant is the least in demand, but it’s great to see buyers still value the local corner shop as it’s somewhat of a British institution.

I’m a tad surprised that the mainstream supermarkets triumphed over those of the discount variety. I guess a supermarket is a bit like a football team, you pick one for life – usually based on convenience of location, and only tend to change if you transfer to another team, or in this case move nearer to another brand of supermarket.

Today’s sellers can really maximise their property’s potential by knowing what’s available in the local area and how this translates to appeal for potential buyers.”

Amenity Of The Greatest Importance To Buyers % Of Homeowners
Corner Shop 43%
Mainstream Supermarket 30%
Hospital 19%
Budget Supermarket 12%
Restaurant 10%