72% Of UK Homeowners Will Not Open The Door On Halloween

Oct 30, 2015

UK Homeowners Don’t Find Halloween A Treat

This weekend the streets of the nation will be over-run with all manner of ghosts, ghouls and zombified celebrity look-a-likes. Halloween is upon us and kids everywhere will be buzzing at the chance to partake in a ghostly tradition from across the pond, getting some free sweets by trick or treating. But is trick or treating a harmless bit of fun or a homeowner’s worst nightmare?

We surveyed over 1,000 UK homeowners to see if they’ll be opening their doors on the 31st, or leaving the paranormal pests in the dark.

It’s bad news for our sweet toothed little horrors, as a monstrous 72% of those surveyed stated they would not be opening the door to trick or treaters this Halloween.

Halloween 1

But is this statistic as ghastly as some may think? Halloween is of Celtic origin but trick or treating is very much an American import, so many older generations frown upon it having not partaken in the seasonal tradition themselves. Of those that said they will not be opening the door this Saturday, 39% stated it was because they didn’t like Halloween, almost all of which were aged 45 or above (94%).

But it isn’t just down to a dislike of Halloween itself. With the clocks going back and the dark evenings closing in there is of course a safety aspect when it comes to trick or treating. Opening your door to strangers in the dark can be a little nerve racking at the best of times, but when they’re dressed in masks, asking for sweats and threating you with a trick that can range from a good egging to something more sinister, you can see why people mightn’t enjoy it.

Halloween 3

21% of those that said they would not be opening their doors stated safety in the dark as the driving factor. What is surprising though is that the 25-34 age group accounted for the largest number (28%) and not those at the top end of the age ladder.

However 9% of those that said no to Halloween this year, did so due to a pure dislike for children. So it doesn’t matter how sweet your little one looks in his mini skeleton costumer, it won’t be enough to sway some of the nation into parting with a sweet treat.

If you don’t want to open your door this Halloween, we suggests the following steps:-

  • By all means do not have a pumpkin lit up at the front of your house, it’s a homing beacon for trick or treaters
  • Keep the front of your house in darkness so it seems no one is home
  • Put up a note on your door making it clear you won’t be taking part.
  • Turn the TV up so you’re not bothered if the door does ring.
  • For most kids the aim isn’t to upset their neighbours, it’s to secure a big haul of sweets. So you could consider leaving a bowl on your door step so they can help themselves.
  • You might not like Halloween, but remember their only children, so be nice. Being rude is a sure fire way to have your house targeted by paranormal pranksters.

Halloween 2

Founder and CEO of Emoov.co.uk, Russell Quirk, commented:

“It’s a shame that so many people are against Halloween. Despite its dark connotations, it is really just a chance for the kids to have a bit of fun. But you can understand why opening the door to strangers can pose a potential safety issue. Funny that it is those at the younger end of the property spectrum that are worried about their safety in the dark, you would think they would be the ones giving as good as they got with a Halloween scare.”

Will You Be Opening Your Door To Trick Or Treaters On 31st October? % Of UK HomeOwners
No, I don’t like Halloween 39%
No I don’t feel safe opening the door when it’s dark 21%
No I don’t like children 9%
No other 2%
Yes It’s good fun and I love seeing the costumers 36%
Yes other 2%