It has long been declared by the high street sector, that online estate agency will never work. Companies like Emoov are a fad and can never compete with the “experience and knowledge” of an established high street firm.

But then Emoov started to list more and more properties, gaining better customer reviews by the day and the high street started to take note. Once they realised that online agents like Emoov were not only here to stay, but offering a vastly superior service at a fraction of the cost, then they started to worry.

But the real marker of Emoov’s success to the world? Ironically a traditional influence, the sales board. Emoov boards are popping up thick and fast, disrupting the more familiar stale branding of high street agents in streets all across the nation.

But it isn’t just one or two here and there. Can you remember the last time you walked down a street and every single board was Foxton’s, Knight Frank, Martin’s and so on? Neither can we.

But this week just gone we’ve listed two properties in the same road in Great Yarmouth and in Scunthorpe, there is one street with no less than five properties being sold, or having recently completed through Emoov.

Sedgewood Way is testament to Emoov’s customer first approach and proves that word of mouth (and the odd sales board), can be as powerful a method of marketing as any TV advert.

8The first property to come on the market with Emoov was number eight in October of last year. After completing their sale for £199,950, £14,700 more than the average asking price in the road, they referred their neighbours at number 10 due to the service they had received.

10Number 10 listed with Emoov in March 2015 and just two months later accepted an offer of £189,950, again some £5,000 over the average asking price on the street.

14This second successful sale clearly started a domino effect as just three months after number 10 accepted their offer, 14 Sedgewood Way listed with Emoov at the end of August. It took just over a month before an offer was accepted for £185,000 and the sale is now in its final stages approaching completion.

The final two both signed up at the end of October, just three days apart from each other.

24Number 24 Sedgewood Way listed with Emoov on 26th October and accepted an offer of £195,000 less than two weeks after listing the property.

15Number 15 listed with Emoov just three days later and at present is still on the market. However if the previous is anything to go by, it should be sold any day now for over the average asking price of £185,200.

Proof if there ever was any, that Emoov offers a far superior service and that the last string in the high street agents bow that the online sector can’t sell fast or for a good price, has clearly snapped.


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