The Ultimate Man Cave!

Nov 18, 2015

Back in September we brought you the perfect apocalyptic property to avoid the inconvenience of the world ending. But unfortunately despite costing just £32,000 for the starter kit, the company is state side and so there is an additional shipping cost.

But fear not, one guy this side of the Atlantic has combined his fear of a zombie invasion, with his love for the manly past time of doing very little, and created his own awesome underground get away. Colin Furze is a British inventor, who has created some pretty cool things in his shed, filiming a lot of his endeavours as he goes and here’s his latest.

Colin 1

It might look like a neatly presented lawn with your generic garden shed, but what lies beneath will make any man (or women) sick with envy.

Colin 2

Colin has created his very own man cave, digging down through the dirt and rock of his back yard, to create his own space to find solace from the everyday.

Ok it’s not as expansive or as practical as the previous property and, it still needs a few additions like a more sustainable power source and an apocalypse proof air flow, but it’s a pretty food effort.

Colin 4

It has everything a man may need, from tinned foods to games consoles, surround sound to the essential Sky Box. It also has an array of weapons inspired by said video games, including Wolverine’s metal claws and the Assassin’s Creed knife.

Colin 3

Just in case someone does come knocking, he has booby trapped hatch to deter them.

Colin 5

If you want to see how Colin transformed his back yard you can see the full process on his website

But for now check out his last instalment with the finished product.