Selling Homes Isn’t Just A Monday To Friday Commitment

Nov 23, 2015

I sat in our office this Sunday buried in preparation for our forthcoming monthly board meeting. It’s a regular chore that I both relish and despise in equal measure… relish because I love the part where I put together a narrative on progress made and future plans. Despised because it takes an age to do and involves me sitting in the office for some of the weekend every month.

Anyhow, the upside of me being around on a Sunday afternoon is that I end up chatting to the team and being able to see at even closer hand how they operate at weekends, without my usual incessant stream of meetings, emails and management tasks getting in the way.

This Sunday, the 21st, I happened to grab a few minutes with our offers desk at the end of their day, having seen how busy they had been.

“How many offers have we received and negotiated on today?”, I asked.  “About 15” said Jodie. “Plus my 10” Jess reposted.

Wow. 25 offers to purchase Emoov properties. On a Sunday! That’s £7m of potential property transactions at our typical average sale price on a single, ‘sleepy’ weekend day.

On my way in to the office I’d driven past a dozen or so estate agency offices in our high street. Most were closed. And I’d imagine that estate agents in Aylesbury through estate agents in York, were similarly slumbersome.

The current debate around ‘Which is better – online or high street estate agency?’ hinges around this sort of reality in that our more traditional competitors really don’t ‘get’ the ethos that we at Emoov convey. It isn’t just about fairer fees and it certainly isn’t about being a budget offering. Our value proposition is a given however the fact that we place ourselves in the shoes of our customers on things like opening hours, technology empowerment and customer service levels overall, should be the elements that the incumbents within our industry start to realise as progressive. They simply cannot now sustain doing less for more.

Opening on Sundays to accommodate the blatantly obvious demand is one step. The next is to be available to our clients even longer and even later and not to be constrained by what’s convenient to us, but rather what’s convenient to those that want to contact us. You’ll start to see much more of this from Emoov.

It’s rather obvious when you think about it and it’s all about our mantra…. being better. The fee savings are just a bonus.