If you splashed out on a house, would you want to knock it down? Me neither. However, television chef, Gordon Ramsay, wants to do exactly that.

It was announced yesterday that chef Ramsay has submitted plans to bulldoze the holiday home in the Cornish town of Rock, to pave way for his very own luxury villa.

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After only buying the £4.4 million property earlier this year, the celebrity chef plans to have away with its 1920’s chic and replace it with a five bedroom, two kitchen home; complete with swimming pool, wine cellar and separate three-bedroom boathouse.

With its coastal location and quirky charms Rock is the Vogue of Cornwall, home sweet second home to a wealth of celebrities. With its well-earned nickname ‘Kensington-on-sea’ it even has its own millionaire’s cul-de-sac called Gull Rock.

Despite knocking £100,000 off the asking price, Gordon Ramsay has made the most expensive house purchase in the county this year, and the second most expensive sale ever recorded in Cornwall.

The average house price in Cornwall sets you back over £300,000, nearly £20,000 more than the UK average; however, this high price for property comes at a cost. Our National Hotspots Index found that property demand in Cornwall is at just 28%, having fallen by -17% since June, when Gordon is rumoured to have purchased the property.

This places Cornwall just 83rd of the 100 UK hotspots and makes it the third biggest faller since Q2, with only Sheffield and Aberdeen having fared worse. Surely this can’t be down to Mr Ramsey himself, but only time will tell if he has un-knowingly impacted on the Cornish property market.

However, this is un-likely to phase Gordon himself and if all goes well with his pre-application, a formal planning application is likely to be put forward for public consultation in the next month. Luxury villa – Done.

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