Importance of School Catchment Area When Buying a Property

Dec 7, 2015

If your child’s school is just a hop, skip and a jump away from your home, then you’re in luck. An analysis has found that almost a hundred primary and secondary schools across England are raining in their catchment area to just 300 metres of the school gates.

Thousands of children that hope to attend their local state school will not be able to as the website FindASchool has published that last year some schools refused pupils that lived more than a street away.

The problem is at its highest in London, where 300 schools required pupils to live within 750 metres from the building, compared to just 14 in the North East England. In London boroughs such as Greenwich, Kensington, Chelsea and Lewisham around eight to ten of schools found that they were unable to meet the local need for places.

schoolcatchAt a staggering 46%, nearly half of schools are unable to meet demand of places, with 60% of London schools being oversubscribed. This is a huge leap from Wales where schools are oversubscribed by just 13%.

With nearly 400 different sets of criteria for schools across the country have been identified by researchers making it more confusing than ever to get you children into school. As a result, the whole ordeal has become more stressful than ever for parents and guardians.

The “sibling rule”, where pupils who have brothers or sisters that are already attending the school have priority, has been scrutinised by FindASchool, where by they assessed its effect of the policy. A mere 5% of places are awarded under this policy but causes much added pressure to the state school system.

The FindASchool website conveys that the average cut-off distance for schools with more applicants than spaces is 1.4 miles for primary and 2.9 miles secondary. Ed Rushton, the founder of FindASchool has called for a more transparency within admission procedures for the benefit of pupils and their parents.

We commissioned a survey of 2000 adults on 11th November 2015 via Opinion Matters and asked: when selling a property what knowledge should the estate agents have. On average 73% of people agreed that estate agents should have local knowledge of the schools.

It seems to me that this schooling crisis would be helped by not only more clarity from schools but also from the agents helping you buy your property. With this local knowledge it could help buyers make a decision that will not only benefit themselves, but also their children.

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