London’s top extensions…Don’t move, Improve!

Dec 16, 2015

These are some of the 33 nominations featuring projects from across London which have been entered into the New London Architecture (NLA) 6th competition.

The NLA awards programme is designed (no pun intended) to recognise London’s best-designed and most innovative home extension projects.

From extensions on top of, underneath, on the side or back of buildings, to interior insertions, conversions, and garden studios, the competition lauds projects that demonstrate exceptional innovation and cost-effectiveness in the delivery of better living space for London residents.

These home improvements come from imaginative homeowners looking to make the most of their London properties. This is down to rising house prices make expanding or renovating your existing home a more attractive proposition than ever before as the average house price in London this year has risen by over 8p per hour, a total of £43,795.

Some of the designs have been extremely innovative and amidst the 33 nominations was The Lantern, by Fraher Architects, in Richmond, South West London, where the average house price for a semi-detached home is £918,750. Its dark staircase that wraps itself up the building with its vertical glazing creates a glowing effect at night.

Another nominee is Brackenbury House, Hammersmith, West London, where owners spent £715,000 on the overhaul of the home. Where the average price for a semi-detached house is around £1.9million. Brackenbury House, a five-storey period building, is listed so designers extended into the basement and have redesigned the home from the inside to create more space.

Designed with a growing family in mind, this property features a pop-up cinema, sky-lit bathroom and a basement area with a glass ceiling. This property has been recently valued at £3.2million, which is a big jump from the £1.3million they paid in 2013. Neil Dusheiko Architects, the designers, explained that this design has added and extra 50m sq to the original 127m sq home.

Fold, by Bureau De Change Architects, spent six months completing an extension on a house in Haringey, N4, where the price of a semi-detached house costs an average of £600,000. The extension is off to the side and rear which feature a cantilever roof which what looks like a pleated ceiling.

A common denominator with many of the nominations this year is said to be the desire to work at home but to have a separate area. This is the same for the Cut and Frame House, Enfield, where a writing room was created for this owner, adding around 20% to the overall value of the house.

The awards are now in their sixth year and aim to seek out architectural innovation. As such they do not stop at extensions on top of, underneath or on the side or back of building as they also look at interior extensions, conversions and garden studios.

The projects that have been shortlisted with now be featured in a three-month long exhibition alongside the complete long list of 84 projects that made up the first stage of the awards at NLA’s galleries in Central London. This will run from January to March 2016 with the winners being announced on Saturday 21st of January.