The modern day cave man

Jan 12, 2016

One can only hope that they live their life and have the chance to fulfil their dream. Angelo Mastropietro has managed to do exactly that, despite having a crippling illness.

38 year old Angelo, will now go down in history as a modern day cave man. The former recruitment manager was inspired to single-handedly transform an 800-year-old hole in the Wyre Forest in Worcestershire, after being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) at the age of 29.


Legend has it that Angelo discovered the cave in 1999, and after his diagnosis in 2007, he made it his mission to turn it into his dream home. The cave, which he purchased for £62,000, had been used as a four-bedroom house for 300 years. It was abandoned in the late 1940s and is said to be part of a row of living spaces considered to be the oldest inhabited rock houses in the whole of Europe.


With a budget of £100,000 Angelo worked single-handedly to excavate and transform nearly 80 tonnes of solid rock. A single doorway between two rooms took around 11 days of work to hack through the 5ft thick rock. To allow in fresh water, Mr Mastropietro drilled into the surrounding hillside and 80 metres into the ground, to form his own bore hole.


Although just a lump of rock, this home isn’t without luxuries. The kitchen is fitted with its very own Aga range cooker and the rainfall shower area is decorated with cascading pebbles against the wall, adding a unique touch. This 21st century man cave is even complete with underfloor heating and  wi-fi – so if the cave isn’t quite for you, you could also browse through our latest properties instead.


Angelo explained that his MS made him want a place where he would be able to live a happier and healthier life. Although we might not all jump at the thought of living in a cave, who could argue with that?