Not All Online Estate Agents Are The Same

Jan 12, 2016

Over the past few months, the news has been filled with articles that position online estate agents in a somewhat dim, or unflattering light. The media often refer to a number of aspects to the online estate agency model as seemingly disadvantageous. Whilst this may be the case for other online agents, this isn’t for Emoov.

So why are we better?

Properties Sold

Although many of our online competitors tend to shy away from stating how many homes they have sold, Emoov proudly attests to selling over 5,000 properties, worth over £1bn and counting, half of which were sold in 2015 alone, making it our most successful year by far.

Up-Front Fees

In the early days of the online estate agent, the low cost of selling resulted in online agents having to charge a flat fee upfront, regardless of whether the property sold or not. At Emoov we still offer this lower cost package to our customers, as many prefer to pay less knowing their property will sell.

However, we were also the first online agent to offer a pay on completion package, allowing our customers to only pay the fee if their property sells. Perfect for those testing the water with an online model and all part of the transparent, consumer-first approach Emoov was built around.

Local Knowledge

Many high street agents believe their local knowledge is the key to selling your house. At Emoov we know there is no one as knowledgeable about your property than yourself. Not only this but our research shows buyers prefer to have the owner host the viewings, not a junior agent who knows little about the area. It’s simply more honest. To date, we’ve arranged and qualified over 100,000 viewings.

Offer Negotiation

Another common misconception about online estate agents is that we don’t handle offers, negotiate the best price, or progress the sale up until completion. This couldn’t be more wrong. Well, where we’re concerned anyway. At Emoov we have an outstanding offers progression team that are on hand throughout the whole process, up until you complete on your sale, not an outsourced call centre as you may find with some of our competitors who are little more than distant, private selling sites, not agents.

Don’t believe us? In 2015 we sold properties totalling a whopping £676 million, achieving 99% of asking price, 3% higher than the industry average. 16% of those were sold for over the asking price, that’s nearly 400 customers getting more money than they expected.

Big Savings

Although at Emoov our service comes first, we also save our customers some serious money and, so far, have saved the UK public over £20m in high street fees!

So, to summarise, not all online estate agents are the same and at Emoov, regardless of the online or high street label, we are simply better.