Although the passing of David Bowie has shocked and saddened the nation, the 69-year-old glam rock icon lives on through more than his musical legacy. Shortly before his marriage to supermodel wife Iman, David built his own tropical holiday retreat, self-titled ‘Fantasy Island’, on the private Caribbean island of Mustique.


Now nearly 30 years old, this five-bedroom mansion is still covered in the same glamour, extravagance and vibrant interiors Bowie envisioned when he chose the home’s Indonesian look back in 1989, despite having sold it to millionaire British publisher and poet Felix Dennis.


The retreat was designed by Swedish architect Arne Hasselqvist, under strict instructions from Bowie, to keep away from the Caribbean feel as much possible. Bowie used the retreat as a getaway throughout the 90s but found that he was unable to write new material as he was just too relaxed. Sounds awful.


David then passed the property on to Felix for £3.5 million ($5 million), who was said to have been every bit as flamboyant as David was. Sadly Dennis passed away in 2014 and now the villa, currently advertised for £14 million ($20 million), will soon have a new owner.


The property lies on a sand outcrop that measures three miles by one-and-a-half miles and we can see why Bowie dubbed the retreat ‘Fantasy Island’. It comes with its own bar area, a look-out spot over the hillside and card room. As you would expect with any musical legend the property is also equipped with its own studio and even has a room with a mini stage, guitars and bongo drums, all decorated with colourful models of birds that adorn the ceiling and walls.


It is so relaxing that the ‘Fantasy Island’ often has visits from all sorts of celebrities. You can pay up to £52,000 ($75,000) a week to rent the place with previous visitors including Mick Jagger, Jeremy Clarkson and even the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, who visited to ‘get away from it all’.

Alright for some!

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