SpareRoom founder Rupert Hunt is looking for a house mate for less than you think

Jan 14, 2016

If I said that you could rent a room for as little as £1 you would probably tell me to get lost. If I told you that room was in London, you would probably think I had a fair few screws loose. However, SpareRoom founder Rupert Hunt is advertising two rooms in his £3 million house in Spitalfields, for less than you might think.

January is a tight month for many, with some of us barely scraping together enough for rent, the chance of living in a luxury six bedroom house in London with minimal rent would be an impossible dream. However, 41-year-old Rupert is operating on a ‘pay what you can afford’ basis. A landlord come dream maker!


After splitting from his wife and living on his own for a couple of years, the businessman decided it was time for a change. He used his own site to advertise his home and enjoyed it so much, he has decided to do it all over again. So now his current housemate is leaving he’s looking for a replacement.


Rupert, who launched the flat sharing site back in 2004, explains that he is more interested in finding the right housemates who he will enjoying having around, rather than maximising on rent. He is looking for flatmates that can add something interesting to the dynamics of the house, if one person can only afford £200 a month on rent and they are the right housemate for him, then that is what they will pay.


The Georgian property is over 300 years old and is spread across five floors, although Hunt admits that the house can be a little spooky at night with its creaky floorboards. He explained that his first night there, he even chickened out and stayed at a hotel around the corner.


The house boasts a grand piano, Aga range cooker, garden and ‘disco lounge’. It is even decorated with taxidermy animals…if you’re in to that sort of thing. In a well sought after location, nestled between Spitalfields Market and Brick Lane, the home is five to 10 minute walk from Liverpool Street station. The area is in prime celebrity spotting territory, with both One Direction and David Tenant having filmed in the street.  Box office hits like Great Expectations, The Woman in Black and Suffragette have also used this location to film.