Chicago condo for sale – untouched since the 70s

Jan 28, 2016

Whether you consider it to be eye catching, or just a complete eyesore, this apartment in Chicago is a time warp!

This bright and bold apartment is literally straight out of the 70s. Lucky for you, it could be yours as it is now on the market for just $158,000 (£110,555).


Built in 1972, the penthouse is 1,877 square foot of pure 70s vibe, so much so that even Austin Powers would be jealous. If wallpaper isn’t your thing than I suggest you look away right now…


The decor, is said to be untouched since the 70s and we’re pretty positive that is not a lie. The first of the three bedrooms appears to have a green theme. The walls are dressed with bright green, patterned wallpaper. One of the main features within this room is the large perspec headboard which is somehow paired with the glass bedside tables. The clashing patterns from the bedclothes, blinds and wallpapers just screams 70s.


If you haven’t had enough of the green, or the wallpaper, then you are in luck as the green theme seems to flow into a walk-in wardrobe and bathroom, where vintage perfume bottles adorn the walls. Agent Lauri Rosenbloom, who is in charge of selling this home, explained that the bottles are actually older than the apartment, and is unsure as to what era they are actually from. Nice.


The kitchen is equally as groovy with wallpaper that perfectly combines turquoise, beige and yellow in psychedelic shapes, a task which our modern and perhaps sober brains could struggle with. The other two bedrooms have been combined into one large family room.


The living room is taken up by an audacious, circular bright green couch – the same shade as that of the six imposing chairs arranged around a mirror table in the dining room area. Coordination appears to be vital in the decoration of this home.


The condo was first put up for sale in 2012 and at the time only received minor interest. However, after coming back on the market last Thursday, it is now gathering an increasing amount of attention due to its unique interior design.

Perhaps last summers fashion statement has rubbed off on us more than we think.