Emoov Tube Property Hotspots Index 2016: Hottest Zones & Tube Lines

Feb 16, 2016

We’ve released our latest Property Hotspots Index, charting demand for property across each of London’s 280 tube stations. The research shows that on average, property demand across the tube network is at 35%, down -3% year on year.

But despite this overall drop there sstops across the network that have seen demand increase, particularly in London’s outer zones. But how does the tube property landscape look when you break it down by zone and line rather than stop?

London Zones

The exodus of London buyers to its outer boroughs and beyond is evident when looking at each zone by property demand. Each zone ranks chronologically with higher demand for London property the further you move from the inside of the capital out.


Zone 5 and further afield is currently the most in demand for property (57%), as buyers forsake a quick commute for a more affordable property. This is closely followed by Zone 4 where demand is currently at 47%, Zone 3 (40%), Zone 2 (27%) and finally Zone 1 where current property demand is at just 16%.

Unfortunately for Zone 1 it has also seen the largest decrease in demand year on year, down -20%, followed by Zone 2 (-12%). Despite the ripple effect of commuters looking outwards Zone 3 has enjoyed the biggest increase year on year, with demand up +18%, with Zone 4 also seeing an increase in demand up +8%.

Most in Demand Tube Lines

Across the tube network it isn’t just the zone a stop is located in that can make property surrounding it desirable. What line a stop is served by can be just as influential to those looking for a London property purchase.

Want to know which is the most in demand? Well we can tell you.


The outright winner across all tube lines is currently the Metropolitan line, with an average demand for property at 47%. The most in demand stop along the Met line? Eastcote in Zone 5, with a property demand percentage of a notable 71%.

The Met line is closely followed by the Central line, where demand for property is 39% and the most in demand tube stop is South Ruislip (75%), the hottest spot on the Underground network overall.

They are both followed by the Piccadilly line (37%), Victoria line (32%), Northern line (31%), District line (29%), Hammersmith and City line (27%), Jubilee line (25%), Bakerloo line (24%) and finally the Circle line with demand at just 17%.