Own your own Zoo!

Feb 23, 2016

Lover of pets and animals? Well then this is the property for you. New on the market is a Zoo located in Borth, close to Aberystwyth in Wales.

Listed for just £600,000, this Zoo is a small and well maintained business which combines a pleasant coastal location with a variety of exotic and Zoo animals. Not only will this property be home to you, but also to crocodiles, large cats, meerkats, beavers, monkeys, a wide variety of reptiles and other domestic animals.

The Zoo, known as the Animalarium, is being sold by outgoing owners Jean Mumbray, 76, and her husband Alan, 56. Animalarium is a well established family owned business and is a popular visitor attraction on the Welsh tourist trail. Open all year round, this Zoo is within walking distance of the beach, local holiday parks, hotels and the mainline railway station.

The number of visitors the Animalarium has received has doubled over the last 10 years and it has had over 27,000 visitors last year alone. However, there is still huge potential for further expansion of both the Zoo itself and its visitor numbers. leopard

Alan and Jean Mumbray, bought the property as a rare breeds farm with animals like sheep, rabbits and poultry, but decided to transform it into a zoo because they loved exotic animals and already had some unusual pets of their own.

The Animalarium, which is spread over eight acres of land, now has more than 300 animals ranging from snakes and lizards, to lemurs, wallabies and raccoons. They have a whole host of birds – owls, rheas, peacocks, cockatoos, cranes and emus – and even have an impressive selection of big cats, including a lynx, a leopard, an ocelot and their latest acquisition, a pair of lions. Many of their unusual exhibits have been unwanted pets, given up when their owners realised they were too difficult to look after, or animals that other zoos had no space for. Their latest addition is an African lion house and enclosure.

If that didn’t sound like enough then there are also Patas, Capuchin, Vervets, Squirrel-monkeys, birds of prey, giant tortoises, meerkats, Ring-tailed and Ruffed Lemurs. The Zoo is also home to many bird aviaries, including some endangered species. Sounds like a handful!

The surrounding enclosures, ponds, paths and visitor seating areas are all beautifully maintained and the entire area is planted with trees and shrubs, making this a pretty picturesque place to live. Not only that but the seaside town of Borth has been voted as the best place in Wale to bring up a child, so naturally benefits from excellent surrounding schools. zoo

The property itself, stands on approximately 12 acres of ground and gardens, has adequate parking for visitors and a two bedroom detached bungalow. There is also a gift shop and children’s play area.

If you are an animal lover and think you could handle it, then maybe this could be the property for you!