Are houses up north cleaner than down south?

Feb 24, 2016

It seems that acclaimed TV property expert Kirstie Allsoppp has got it in for the Southerners in her latest claim that the further north you head from London, the cleaner the houses will be.

The Channel 4 presenter took to Twitter to voice her almighty opinion, which she in-turn predicted could be the death of her career (we only hope). The property personality, a lifelong Southerner herself, tested her popularity by comparing the cleanliness of different regions.kirstie5

Allsopp, 44, spends much of her career visiting properties for shows such as Location, Location, Location, or telling people how they should decorate their houses over Christmas. In December she tweeted that “In 15 years of going around the country house hunting, I have observed that the further north you go from London the cleaner the homes are.”

Before this, the presenter tweeted, “Brace yourself for a bigoted generalisation which could get me fired…”. Many of her followers described the announcement as ‘controversial’ and even questioned if it was the same if you headed west across the UK. I’m sure many also wonder that themselves, as Kirstie has not long restored a house she bought in rural Devon, which had stood empty for four decades.

Kirstie, who now lives in West London with her partner and four children, grew up in the family home in Dorset with her parents, Lord and Lady Hinslip.

However, despite her own southern and aristocratic roots, the questionable star clearly thinks very little of her neighbours ability to look after their properties. One Tweeter joked, “We live in the Midlands, so that would explain why my half of the bedroom is clean and my wife’s is a tip!”.

Others suggested genuine explanations for Allsopp’s observation – one tweeter said it could be ‘because people don’t have to present a house well for it to sell in London’.kirstie3

Some even tried to provide excuses, blaming their pets for their apparent mess.

However the show was stolen by one user who posted a photograph of the Queen looking annoyed, with the caption: “Someone’s cleaners are getting fired…”

Whether or not this generalised comment may be true, could this potentially be a hint at a change in Kirstie Alllopps career?  From helping people to buy new homes to showing viewers how they should (or shouldn’t) decorate the house for Christmas, perhaps Kirstie will now put on her marigolds for the viewers pleasure as she shows us how to scrub up down south.