Buy a windowless flat in London for £465,000

Mar 2, 2016

If a property didn’t have any windows, the word ‘luxury’ wouldn’t usually spring to mind. However, in South London’s Brixton, two-bedroom flats have gone on sale and, despite their £465,000 price tag, some don’t have any windows.

The development of eight flats is a former office block and has been described by Beresford Residential, the agents selling the flats, as ‘luxury’. However, with a price tag nearly double the UK average house price and no windows, it isn’t an adjective that I’d necessarily use.

The flats are set across the first and second floors of the block and contain two one-bedroom and six two-bedroom apartments. Thankfully, some of the flats feature windows, but others weren’t quite so lucky as they don’t have interior walls and have only been fitted with light wells to allow in some natural light.


To add insult to injury, the average flat price in Brixton is £456,665 so it appears that the buyers of these flats will actually be paying more money for no windows.

Beresford Residential describes the apartments as a ‘sanctuary of calm’ which isn’t surprising since it’s practically cut off from the outside world. But apart from its lack of natural light, the apartment does have hardwood flooring throughout and kitchens that have been fitted with granite worktops (which ironically can only be truly appreciated in natural light).

However, it’s not all doom and gloom, as the price of property in Brixton has risen 46% during the past five years due to the gentrification of the area. That’s an increase of about £190,000 making the average house price almost £600,000. It seems there could be money to be made even in a windowless flat!


Many of the local residents in Brixton have begun protesting at the changes that have been sweeping through the area. Many of the favoured pubs and restaurants have been forced to closed after being pushed out by a more upmarket clientèle. Expensive shops and eateries have moved in, which locals claim to be pushing up the house prices and forcing lower income families to move away.

However, it’s apparent that house prices have become out of reach for many residents across the capital, with the National Housing Federation reporting that Londoners need a pay rise of around 266% to buy a home there.

It was reported that the typical value of a London home is nearly 16 times the average salary in the capital – just £33,000 a year. The research found that to buy a home in nearly half of the London boroughs, would require an income of more than £100,000!

With odds like that, if I was buying a house in London, I think I’d be looking for something that at least had windows.