Will Mr Osborne Listen to the Emoov CEO to Address Britain’s Housing Crisis

Mar 16, 2016

As is always the case at this time of year, the nation will be eagerly anticipating today’s budget announcement by Mr Osborne. So it’s only customary that the Emoov CEO, Russell Quirk, should voice his predictions ahead of today’s budget in the hope that it may aid George in his deliberations.

Having already voiced his thoughts on what should be done, the Emoov CEO turns his attention to what Mr Osborne may actually do and, it would seem, he may have listened to Mr Quirks previous ideas on tackling the UK housing crisis.

Last year we stated that one of the only viable ways of tackling the UK’s housing shortage was to identify ALL developable land owned by all UK public sector organisations and legislate to force them to provide it for building. By way of example, Central and Local Government own 180,000 land assets including thousands of hectares of land but, for instance, 100 pubs, 60 theatres, 40 hotels and 100 golf courses and an airport. It is estimated that £380billion of assets are under public ownership and sitting their going to waste.

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By identifying public land, especially that owned by councils, and compelling lethargic and unimaginative administrations to turn their spare and derelict land into housing, the government could go a long way in addressing the UK’s housing crisis.

We have a feeling that today, it may turn out that he will do just that.