Emoov Announces Museum of Estate Agency Initiative

Apr 1, 2016

Since history began we have longed to marvel at and even mock the objects, science, artistry and cultural interests of the past.

As a nation that is simply obsessed with property, it is hard to imagine that the relics of the high street estate agency industry would not also become subjects of such fascination now that the world has moved on from it’s former analogue glory.

In a moov that is said by the up and coming estate agent to be one of ‘industry benevolence’, awesome fixed-fee estate agent Emoov.co.uk is investing in a new initiative to help preserve remnants of the property industry for future generations to fascinate at.

The cultural landmarks of a bygone age have been placed under one roof for the general public to ogle at – all thanks to goodwill and generosity of the founder and CEO of online estate agent Emoov, Russell Quirk.


Items included in the ‘Museum of Estate Agency’ are such relics as preposterous and primitive ‘window displays’ which, yesteryear, would be gazed at by would-be home purchasers for the heads up on the latest new listings yet nowadays, are redundant lumps of Perspex and steel that adorn some 25,000 shop-fronts pointlessly.


Stepping inside this cornucopia of estate agency antiquities, you will be able to see the latest additions to the exhibit’s collections such as Italian designed visitor chairs, many of which have never been sat on. Multiple Minis and Smart Cars lavished with decalia expounding the merits of specific former property businesses. Busts of former agency staff complete with Ray-Ban adornments firmly fixed to each head. And not to mention a separate room of estate agency attire brimming with pink ties, cashmere sweaters, odd suits and fake Jimmy Choos.

(Exhibit A.)


If only the walls could talk.

The estate agency industry has long been mired its own archaic practices. Emoov is at the vanguard of the winds of change, which is why this museum has been built in order to preserve the image of an industry that the public have so long lampooned. Without this new initiative, in the not too distant future, the nation will otherwise have forgotten the likes of the exceedingly gelled Robin Blind, mobile phone stapled to his pierced ear and half-empty Moet bottle in hand.

Despite the estate agency industry being forced into an age of consumer value, transparency and great service, we really must remember the industry of old if not just for amusement sake.

Written by Ms A Fuells (or April, as you may know her)