A Less Taxing Life In Paradise

Apr 9, 2016

We’re an agile business and always keen to accommodate changing buyer trends.

In recent days, we have inexplicably received increasing demand for investment properties and ‘safe houses’ in a Central American paradise that has previously been largely ignored, except for its main selling point providing convenient access to all major transport routes, including a major shipping canal. And it sells lots of hats.

Accordingly, whilst we may have previously denied it five times, we are delighted to be able to offer a selection of such opportunities that, apparently, are available tax-free to UK residents. Moral responsibility is not required in order to purchase. Indeed, you are invited to hide as much cash down the back of the accompanying home furnishings as you are able to steal away from prying HM Revenue eyes.

We suggest, conservatively, that family trust types and those that are leaders in their field might be particularly interested in our new inventory. Discreet inspection visits are available. In fact, discreet is definitely the buzzword around these parts currently.

As an up and coming focus of media attention and indeed world finance, you may rub shoulders with true global wealth, political giants (including former Prime Ministers) and accountants. And canoeists.

Enquire toll (and tax) free:  panama 1 panama 2 panama 3

Brought to you by Emoov’s marketing team complete with tongue in cheek.