The Emoov CEO shares his Seedcamp journey

Apr 19, 2016

Emoov CEO Russell Quirk is no stranger to starting a business or public speaking. So therefore it was only natural that he was asked to speak at an event that married the two together.

Seedcamp, an early stage startup funding firm, asked Russell to share Emoov’s journey in gaining investment, building a team and the growing pains associated with a high growth business.  The event was held to offer advice and personal case studies about not only how Seedcamp can help start up business’ to grow but also how to handle future investments. Because of this, Russell, the founder of Emoov, was asked to share Emoov’s journey through gaining investment, building teams and the growing pains within a high growth business.

Russell spoke to a room full of prospective start up companies that are considering applying to Seedcamp for investment. He proceeded to recount his experiences of Seedcap as an early stage investor, which was an invaluable catalyst to Emoov’s impressive growth within the estate agency sector to date.
Joining him on stage were fellow Seedcamp investees Yodit Stanton of Open Sensors and Hamish Grierson of Thriva. Each of them spoke about the best ways in which to apply to Seedcamp and what to expect from them. Russell revealed his personal tips which included the paradox to think ‘big’ to ensure that investors appetites are sufficiently fulfilled,  but also to remain humble and open-minded to taking on advice offered.

The Emoov CEO shares his Seedcamp journey

Russell was keen to point out that although founders think they know it all – they never, ever do (not even himself). Elevating to a stage where one has professional shareholders and board members is precarious. However, if you manage to navigate the balance between tenacity and humility, have a great product and, with equal importance, a great team, you will no doubt succeed. Russell made it clear that these elements all share a significance but, need help to thrive, which Seedcamp can give you in abundance.

The Emoov CEO shares his Seedcamp journey

Seedcamp’s partners, Reshma Sohoni and Carlos Espinal, have invested in over 200 early stage companies and funded Emoov as part of a £2.4m round in late 2014. Russell made it clear that the funding firm provide not just money but ‘smart capital’. They ensure that they assist founders with introductions to further investors; teach them how to pitch; mentor them using a world class suite of marketing, product, technology and finance mentors.

“I am delighted to have been invited along to speak for Seedcamp last night as they are one of our favourite investors. It was a great opportunity to talk to other founders about the Emoov journey, providing advice on gaining investment, building teams, PR, looking upon competitors as a benefit and the growing pains of a high growth business.

In the process, I met some very interesting start ups that are beginning their own business journeys. It’s all very scary stuff, but well worth it in the long run. Seedcamp is an awesome programme of development unmatched by any other early stage investor in the UK, perhaps the world.”

Russell Quirk

Founder & CEO,