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Latest consumer research by leading fixed fee estate agent, eMoov.co.uk, has revealed what UK homeowners believe add the most financial value to a home during the selling process.

eMoov surveyed over 1,000 UK homeowners and asked them what they think adds the most financial value when looking to purchase a property? To see the breakdown of the national results you can find the full report here, or check out the results from homeowners in the East below.

Despite the introduction of a spare bedroom tax, the spare bedroom topped the list, with 31% of those asked believing an additional bedroom adds the most value to a property. The appeal of the spare room stretches far beyond its use as an extra place to sleep and can be utilised in many ways whether it be a home office, salon, nursery, workshop or play room.

Coming in second was the en-suite bathroom for the main bedroom. At 15%, this ranked higher than the nation as a whole, who placed it as just the fourth most valuable asset. Following closely behind, despite the British summer often being a brief one, was an outside space, with 14% of homeowners believing it added the most value during the selling process.

Surprisingly having a garage was only fourth, with just 13% of those asked thinking it added the most financial value. Having a car parking space/s completed the top five with 12% of those asked thinking space for an additional car was the most valuable asset when selling a property.

Local amenities (5%) were amongst the other assets that could increase a property’s financial strength, along with strong mobile phone signal and good community atmosphere joint seventh at 4%. A strong internet connection comes in last position with just 2% thinking it added value.


“I think unfortunately as time has gone by community spirit is not as influential as it used to be with regards to buying a property, hence it propping up the table. Now when people are looking to buy they value more practical things and a garage, for example, gives them more storage space but also offers the potential of extending it into an additional living space.

Locally people like to buy properties now with space and so having a spare bedroom, garage, separate bathroom is some what a norm for people buying in today’s market. Properties that come on the market with these bonuses in Yorkshire are selling far faster than those without the extra living accommodation or option of an extension.”

Adam Cast

Local Property Director, eMoov.co.uk

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