Latest consumer research by has highlighted that money, stress and time constraints are still the biggest fears for UK homeowners when selling their home.

Emoov surveyed over 1,000 UK homeowners across the nation and asked them ‘when selling a property, what are the top three things you fear the most?’. To see the breakdown of the national results you can find the full report here, or check out the specific results from homeowners in Yorkshire below.

Despite UK homeowners currently enjoying the highest average house prices on record, securing the right price still tops the list of fear factors.

Just like the rest of the nation 55% of those asked in Yorkshire said not getting the price they wanted or needed was their primary fear when selling, with the stress of the selling process the second biggest fear factor for 50% of homeowners.

Similarly to the national results (43%), time constraints completed the top three fear factors, with 43% of homeowners, in Yorkshire, being afraid they wouldn’t be able to sell their home in the time they needed to.

Other fear factors stated by UK homeowners included paying too much in estate agent fees (35%), dealing with the buyer (22%), finding a new property to live in upon selling (17%), picking the wrong estate agent in the first place (16%), getting a mortgage for their next home (10%) and that their new property might drop in value in the future (5%).

It makes sense that the price achieved and the stress of selling come in a close first and second. Often the two are linked as failing to get the price you wanted can cause a certain amount of stress in itself.

Especially in Yorkshire where property values are by enlarge, much lower than that of the South East and London. Missing out on £10,000 in London might not make a big difference when the sale price is over £500,000, but on a property worth £80,000 around here, it can certainly be a big fear.

Emily Parkin

Local Property Director,

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