Despite the relative infancy of the online estate agency sector, it’s method as a route to sell has quickly become established amongst UK homeowners, dispelling myths of it being a “cheap” way to sell with poor service.

But it’s not just selling houses that online agents are becoming the cornerstone for.

Leading fixed fee estate agent,, is known for their property market analysis and on the ball commentary of current issues impacting UK property.

But now it seems that Emoov are ahead of the curve even where the Chancellor of the Exchequer is concerned after question put to Mr. Osborne on the impact of a Brexit to UK property prices left him a little stumped.

Yesterday, MP Rachel Reid / Reeve questioned George on whether he and the Treasury had calculated the cost to UK homeowners if Britain were to leave the EU. Before doing so she highlighted research by, which predicts prices could fall by as much as 5% should the nation vote to leave the European Union on 23rd June.

Despite the enormity of the consequences on the UK property market alone, Mr. Osborne was left with little to say. In fact, he stumbled his way through an answer that amounted to little else than “We will be working on providing a figure, but, we don’t have a figure today”.


We pride ourselves on providing concrete analysis of the UK property market, that tends to outline issues and trends ahead of time. But I have to say, having our research mentioned in the Houses of Parliament is a first for us and one we are delighted to see.

We like to remain impartial in terms of which political post our hat is hung on, however, one thing we are very vocal about is what’s best for the UK homeowner. So to know that the relevant people are sitting up and taking notice of what we are trying to tell them is good news indeed.

If Mr. Osborne and the Treasury should need some help on compiling the figures they’re currently lacking, they can always come to the market leader in the online sector and we would be more than happy to help.

Russell Quirk

Founder & CEO,

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