Alongside the recent climb in the property prices due to the emergence of the Northern Powerhouse, research by leading fixed fee estate agent,, has found that house prices in Ilkley have nearly doubled over the last decade.

With the average house price in Ilkley reaching highs of £380,000, it appears that the town is being put on the map and is almost on par with the sought after Harrogate.

With house prices in the UK’s major cities becoming out of reach for even the most well-heeled businessman, people are looking to invest their money elsewhere, in order to maximise their property potential. With Ilkley being just a 30-minute commute into major cities Bradford and Leeds, it appears that businessmen are trying to get more bang for their buck and the beautiful Ilkley is the place for it.

However, this property price prosperity hasn’t just stopped at Ilkley. Under a 10 minutes drive away, Addingham, is also benefiting from a rise in buyer interest and an increase in property prices, although, this isn’t just thanks to the Ilkley influx. New developments are underway for 38 properties to be built in the area and there are soon to be 400 jobs going at the manufacturing hub in Keighley.

Ilkley is situated at the top of a geographical triangle, which is completed by both Bradford and Leeds. As a result, both of these major cities can be reached in just half an hour by train, making picturesque Ilkley the perfect place for commuters to live.

Ilkley benefitted from being in its own little bubble when the property market crashed in 2007 and as a result, the market in and around the town stayed stable. I am sure for those that stayed put, Ilkley has been as a sound investment as property prices in the area have only gone up and up.

Ilkley Grammar School, has had fantastic Ofsted reports year on year and therefore makes the town a good target for professional people to start a family and begin the next chapter of their life. Leisure wise there are literally hundreds of clubs both academic and sporting and the town itself, being just a stone’s through from The Yorkshire Dales (including the start of The Dalesway walk), makes this area a beautiful places to not only live but even retire too.

Being an Ilkley man myself, born and bred, I am proud to see the area doing so well and hope that it continues to do so.

Mervyn Button

Local Property Director,

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