Students Set to Enjoy the High Life in Sheffield

Jun 9, 2016

It has recently been announced that there are several proposals being drawn up to knock down the Stokes Tiles showroom on Moore Street, as well as other surrounding buildings, in order to build four blocks of student flats up to 15 storeys high.

£70 million is said to be invested into the development of flats, cafes and shops with space for 789 students. The 244,560 sq ft scheme would offer a mix of five to eight-bedroom cluster apartments, studio flats and four commercial units on the ground floor.

Although these flats are to be mainly aimed at students from both city universities and Sheffield Hallam University, one of the blocks, 10 storeys high and comprised exclusively of studio flats, could be let as private accommodations, according to the plans.

I have no doubts, whatsoever, that this latest development will improve Moore Street and the surrounding areas a great deal. Students will always want to live more centrally and at the moment, much of the accommodation is a couple of miles out of the city centre.

Despite the area looking a little tired at the moment, there is already a massive regeneration of Sheffield City Centre underway and so this development will only add to the regeneration already underway.

Not only this but the additional commercial units will be a welcome sight. What with the recent job cuts across the city, any extra jobs created by more shops and bars can only be a plus, albeit a small one.

Emily Parkin

Local Property Director,

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