People do business with people they like: A guest blog by Stuart Walton

Jun 13, 2016
People do business with people they like: A guest blog by Stuart Walton

At Emoov, we’re serious when it comes to two things. Selling property and customer service.

That’s why we are always delighted when our sellers leave us great review. One such seller was Stuart Walton from, who upon selling with Emoov put pen to paper (or finger to keyboard) to write the following.

You can see his original article on LinkedIn here.

Would I use an online agency, like Emoov, ever again?

Almost three months now since we moved out of our rather grand Edwardian pile to a new build half its size, borne out of financial necessity and a desire to downsize / rightsize to meet our new constrained lifestyle – that’s a 5000 word blog for another day as to the how and why, but let me recap what I did, back in November 2015.

I had a very clear idea of what our home was worth due to experience in the industry and a long time from buying and selling.

I did then what any rational home seller would do – looked online at the various online / hybrid / traditional estate agencies and contacted four: two local, two online (hatched and Emoov).

One of the local high street agents were contacted because I liked them and when I set up an estate agency this person, instead of sulking and mud-throwing as two did, with one even slandering me in an email, messaged us and wished us luck – with an offer that if we needed advice just ask.

Gestures like that stick with me – so I was tempted to use them.

People do business with people they like.

The fees though were non-negotiable: 1% plus VAT on a house valued (by me at £445,000), meaning a cost approaching £6000.

Another local estate agent offered a fixed fee of £3,000 plus VAT but, call me old-fashioned, being spoken to by someone eating a sandwich and impatient to get me off the call, deterred me somewhat.

The difference with hatched and Emoov was astonishing.

Hatched latched on to me as we viewed one of their properties for sale locally, but I’d already committed to Emoov, due to Trust Pilot reviews and the way the team reacted to my initial enquiry.

Even chatted with Adam Day, the CEO, too.

Emoov were duly instructed and I cannot fault them in any way whatsoever.

Matters such as price changes, viewing feedback, alterations to photos were dealt with in nano-seconds.

Okay slight exaggeration, but it was quick – actioned in minutes, not hours, or days.

The photos and brochure were incomparable to others selling locally – floorplan, premium listing were all there, as well as the For Sale board, with listing on Rightmove and Zoopla and its own website and social media pages.

I wrote the property particulars obviously – which is something I enjoy anyway.

Our home took a while to sell, but price reductions initiated by me, not Emoov, secured a sale.  I was told I was free to leave at any time too and paid nothing upfront.

Another example of their attention to customer service was when I directly messaged the CEO, Russell Quirk, via Twitter and got a reply within seconds, I don’t exaggerate this time.

The property sold and we exchanged and completed within six weeks, due to Emoov, Sally Yaxley of Norton Peskett and Persimmon Homes.

Now what this isn’t is a carefully crafted love poem to Emoov – it’s a honest appraisal of that company from someone who’s walked the walk, so to speak, by using a national online agency.

Next time, when we sell, I may contact Purple Bricks, as well as Emoov, just to see what their “Local Property Experts” do differently from the Emoov experts in Brentwood.

I will also contact some traditional agents to see if their fee structures are aligned with the online ones.

Hopefully, we won’t be moving any time soon!

People do business with people they like: A guest blog by Stuart Walton