Emoov’s University Property Index 2016

Aug 23, 2016

With A-level results day last week, many students will be excited at the prospect of leaving home for the first time for university. We’ve released our annual University Property Index highlighting the best universities across the nation where UCAS entry level and property price are concerned.

See the full top 100 here.

We’ve ranked the top 100 UK universities by dividing the average price paid for property surrounding the main campus, by the average UCAS point entry tariff, to ascertain a property price for every point required to study at each university.

Emoov's University Property Index 2016

The research highlights where in the UK offers the best balance of affordable property for those considering an investment for their child or a uni-let investment, as well as the offer of a top quality higher university course.

Emoov's University Property Index 2016

University of Leeds

West Yorkshire, England

Emoov's University Property Index 2016

The average house price across the top 100 universities comes in at £319,963 with the University of Leeds the top ranking university in the UK. With an average entry requirement of 436.5 UCAS points and an average price paid of just £95,310, the University of Leeds offers a property price per a UCAS point of just £218.

In contrast, the Imperial College London comes in at 100th due to the inflated price of property surrounding its Kensington campus. Although the prestigious institution requires students to achieve 566.9 UCAS points on average, the third highest in the top 100, the average price paid for property around the campus is a staggering £2.5m resulting in a property price per a UCAS point of £4,431.

The University of Sunderland places second in the table. Although the average UCAS entry tariff is just 290.5 points, the 8th lowest in the top 100, the average price paid around the campus is just £65,201. This equates to a price point of just £224 for every entry point required.

The other universities making the top 10 where affordability is concerned are the University of Bradford (£269), the University of Leicester (£301), the University of Hull (£305), the University of Manchester (£308), the University of Dundee (£313), the University of Strathclyde (£315), Aston University (£320) and Newcastle university (£349).

University of Sunderland

North East, England

Emoov's University Property Index 2016
Emoov's University Property Index 2016

University is often the first life step for those leaving home to study and the cost implicated in doing so are high, with many not paying off their student debt until years after graduating.

Investing in a property for your child can be one way of reducing the cost and can act as an additional source of income for years to come. When looking for somewhere to stay at university, as with a job, properties close to the campus are always going to be a more attractive proposition and so buying in and around the university can help ensure interest in a property from the get go.

This research highlights where across the nation offers the most attractive proposition for a uni-let in terms of close proximity to the university, an affordable property price, as well as a good level of education where the university itself is concerned.

Russell Quirk

Founder & CEO, Emoov.co.uk