The Great British Property Bake Off

Aug 24, 2016

Britain’s favourite bakery based show returns tonight and Great British Bake Off fans will be counting down the minutes until Mary is back on their screen.

As is always the way, we’ve marked the return of the show by looking at how some of Britain’s favourite afternoon tea treats perform in terms of property, well their hometowns anyway.

We’ve taken a look at six places across the UK and what has happened in the local property market since the Bake Off last graced our screens.

Coming in top of the pile price wise is of course, Victoria in London, not quite the birthplace of the Victoria Sponge but close enough. The average house price in the area is around £1m more than its nearest rival at £1.3m.

But it’s not all first place rosettes for Victoria as in the last year property values have slumped by 1%. That might not sound like a lot but in London terms that’s £3,000!

But Victoria isn’t the only place to have seen its property market suffer since last year’s Bake Off.

The Great British Property Bake Off

The town of Eccles in Greater Manchester has seen a drop of 2% over the last 12 months, which translates to around £2,000. But with an average house price of just £143,599, it is the most affordable of our Bake Off competitors.

The next most affordable is Dundee, where the average property will set you back just £144,640. Unfortunately for the home of Scotland’s most iconic cake, prices in Dundee have also fallen by 2% in the last year, although at a £3,000 loss, Dundee homeowners have fared worse than those in Eccles

The Great British Property Bake Off

Next up is Chorley, home of the bread that changed Britain, or at least the way we make our bread anyway. The Lancashire market town commands a respectable £298,188 for the average property, a lot more than the UK average but over the last year Chorley homeowners have also seen the price of their property drop, also down 2% although the higher price of property means this translates to a loss of £3,400!

Britain’s biggest Bake Off looser is home to potentially one of the most iconic British baked goods, the Bakewell Tart, although they’re also proud of their Bakewell Pudding. Second only to Victoria, the average property in Bakewell will cost you £321,837, notable given the town’s small size. However, not everything comes in small packages as since last year’s Bake Off prices in the town have fallen by a huge £15,000!

So who is crowned this year’s property Bake Off champion?

Oxfordshire claims the top spot with the market town of Banbury. You might have heard of the cheese but they also invented the Banbury cake, not too dissimilar to the Eccles Cake. Stewards enquiry?

With an average house price of £298,188 Banbury isn’t exactly affordable. But given Oxford’s title as the most expensive place to live, it’s not too bad at all. However, Banbury is the only of our entrants to have seen an increase in property price in the last year. Prices have only increased by 2%, however, that translates to a tidy profit of £6,400 to Banbury’s homeowners.

Pretty sweet.