An Emoov Seller’s Story: Six Properties and Counting

Sep 26, 2016

The property market in the United Kingdom has evolved over the past few years with a shift towards online estate agents and excellent customer service becoming the norm, instead of the expensive high street agents, which are beginning to face extinction. Leading online estate agency,, has expanded throughout the country and has seen customers return regularly since its birth in 2011, something founder and CEO Russell Quirk credits to his customer first approach.

Andrea Boland caught up with one of Emoov’s serial property sellers in Wales to discuss her experience with the company and the sale of six of her homes – the last one was sold last week (September 2016).

Liz initially discovered Emoov when she was looking to list her house on Rightmove to gain maximum exposure. Since the website was easy to use and a straightforward pricing scheme was provided, she opted for Emoov to help her sell her home, without looking into any other online or hybrid estate agent: “We were immediately happy with the service we were offered by Emoov. The staff seemed knowledgeable and confident and we were reassured by their positive attitude.”

An Emoov Seller's Story: Six Properties and Counting

She dealt directly with Russell Quirk during her first sales, who worked on the phones whilst returning and developing his young company. However, as Emoov grew, Liz was assigned a number of Emoov employees who all offered friendly and professional service: “Excellent service, always professional and willing to offer advice and support. Emoov staff promptly returned phone calls and were keen to ensure that they were customer focussed at all times.”

Although she doesn’t know the exact figure, Liz estimates that she has saved thousands of pounds by listing her six properties with Emoov instead of using high street agents. Liz and her partner Mike were deterred from using high street agents because of the exorbitant cost and the inflexibility of the agency’s opening hours – many are closed over the weekend and by 17:00 during the weekday evenings. She felt that they were often unhelpful and unprofessional.

The majority of her properties were in North Wales, except for one in Hertfordshire, England, which was let to young professionals and a family until it was sold with Emoov in 2014. Aside from the area being picturesque, Liz and Mike grew up in the north of the country and call it home as their families continue to reside there.

An Emoov Seller's Story: Six Properties and Counting

Despite all the properties being varied, what they all had in common was that they needed modernisation. One was a detached stone cottage full of character that had originally been the chapel house where the minister lived. The money saved with Emoov helped them to renovate to make it more to their standard.

Since their positive experience with Emoov, the couple has recommended six friends and family members who have listed their properties with the company. When asked if she would continue to use Emoov, Liz said: “for the foreseeable future, keep up the fantastic work!”

We are glad to have helped Liz through her property life cycle and look forward to continuing to do so for years to come.