Emoov Petition to Implement Mandatory Licensing for Estate Agents

Oct 7, 2016

Last week the annual report by the Property Ombudsman highlighted that complaints against estate agents had risen by 32% in the last year. In the wake of the report we are petitioning to the government to implement mandatory licensing for all estate agents UK wide.

We’re urging home buyers and sellers across the nation to join their fight to raise the standard of estate agency, an occupation that has long been despised due to its poor anti-consumer practises.

We’ve been leading the way for quite some time, winning multiple awards for our consumer offering and recently ranking number one out of some 25,000+ agents for customer service.

Join the fight and help us make estate agency better!

In this day and age it is simply unacceptable that the estate agency sector continues to go unregulated with absolutely no barrier to entry when choosing to pursue the occupation.

When you consider that the agent is handling a rather precarious process which involves the most expensive asset their client is ever likely to own, it’s mind boggling that there is still a lack of hurdles to overcome in being qualified to do so.

Every other aspect of the sale process, whether it be the conveyancers, solicitors and so on, must all meet certain rules and regulations in order to practice their respective disciplines. When you consider even taxi drivers are under more stringent regulations than estate agents, it really does highlight the issue we face.

Complaints are up 32% in the last year which highlights the slap dash approach to estate agency that many agents approach their day to day duties with. We urge everyone, whether they are buying, selling or renting, to help support this petition and introduce the long overdue licensing this industry is crying out for

Russell Quirk

Founder & CEO, Emoov.co.uk