The Barclays Digital Conference 2016

Nov 3, 2016

Aside from customer service, our other obsession is technology. As a result, we attended the third Annual Barclay’s Digital Technology Conference this past Monday in London to see what is new in the technology world and how we can use it to improve our business.

The event kicked off with a speech by Ashok Vaswani, Barclays CEO of Personal and Corporate Banking, who is the master behind the conference. The role of technology is important to him and ensuring that the bank evolves alongside the speed of technology in business is his obsession. Every year the event has grown and he joked that he cannot wait to hold it in the O2 in the near future.

The afternoon consisted of various workshops where a panel of experts in a given subject in the technology field discussed as a group, followed by questions from the audience. The Internet of Things proved to be interesting and relevant to Emoov because it addressed our focus around technology and how we look to combine our award winning team, with our award winning technology, to create a seamless blend.

For example, our Local Property Directors are equipped with iPads to compile property floor plans and photos, which they then send straight into the office from the location of the home.

The Barclays Digital Conference 2016

Additionally, we empower our customers by giving them the freedom to have full access to their listing along with the ability to change advert details and photos and book viewings to best fit their schedule.

Our highlight was the talk by Google’s Matt Brittin, who explained that the reach of technology will expand over the next five to ten years, and the majority of the world is expected to be connected, even in the most remote of areas. He put this theory into perspective by asking the crowd how many devices each individual had on them, ultimately concluding that the group each had 2.8 connected devices on themselves. But a stark contrast was explained – the majority of the world did not have this sort of access at all, let alone via multiple platforms. Mr. Britton estimates that internet usage will double to 5 billion people by 2021, four times the rate of online growth the world has seen in the past five years.

As a result, the reach of technology is expected to go much further in coming years and he believed that 2016, despite its advances in technology, would see the slowest rate of growth in our lifetime when compared to the future.

This is relevant to Emoov because our business is based around strong and reliable technology. It would give us the opportunity to expand further as more people become connected, and as people become more comfortable with the presence of technology in all aspects of daily life. The property industry is changing, and we are leading the way keeping up to speed with the changing face of estate agency and tech to make sure our customers get the best offering available.

The Barclays Digital Conference 2016

Another humbling part of the conference was the exhibit presented by Barclays Digital Eagles displaying colourful electronic body limbs for people in need, with one video showing a young girl without a hand, who had access to an electronic hand that she could control and use in her everyday life. We were blown away to see the impact of technology in the context of changing lives, let alone the change it can have on industry.

Thank you Barclays for a fantastic day, and we look forward to see you again next year!