Emoov Identified as One of Essex’s Brightest and Most Innovative Companies

Nov 8, 2016

Emoov was named one of the 50 brightest and most innovative businesses born out of Essex in a joint project called Innovation 50 by Anglia Ruskin University and the Essex Innovation Program. This program encourages local small to medium sized companies to apply in order to share guidance and support, while empowering these companies to further develop throughout the community.

There were a range of small and medium sized businesses from the region that made the cut by showing impressive potential in economic growth, as well as being identified for their use of innovation to grow. The chosen businesses will receive academic advice from the university and publicity coverage. The selection process of Innovation 50 looked at development and the growth potential of each company, while identifying the other forms of support that could help for further expansion.

In the research, 85% of the companies see a bright future and believe that being based in Essex has been an important factor in the successful process of development. The goal is both to help these local entrepreneurs expand and to build a platform to help future initiatives coming out of Essex.

Emoov Identified as One of Essex's Brightest and Most Innovative Companies

Emoov is firmly rooted in Essex with the company HQ in Brentwood and has been active in the county over the past week. As a Brentwood based enterprise, Emoov attended the Brentwood Business Showcase last week to meet other companies and educate the community on the benefits of an online estate agency. Our very own Russell Quirk, also Essex born and bred, delivered an inspiring speech in the afternoon outlining how a business can go local to national, through the power of being online.

Both Innovation 50 and the Brentwood Business Showcase have acted as networking events to spread the word about Emoov and meet other local entrepreneurs who are using exciting innovation in building a successful company.

It’s a real honour to be named as one of the top 50 brightest and most innovative companies in Essex. As an online disruptor to the stale high street estate agency sector, our whole proposition is based around the use of technology to innovate and improve a dated process to provide a better proposition for the customer.

I and, the Emoov team as a whole, are proud to be from Essex and we couldn’t be happier to be flying the flag for both the county and for innovative business as a whole.

Russell Quirk

Founder & CEO, Emoov.co.uk