Hilary Beats Trump-ington

Nov 8, 2016

Our latest research has highlighted that Hilary beats Trump, at least where property demand is concerned.

We produce a quarterly national hotspots index that monitors demand for property, based on the balance of available and sold stock on the market.

So we decided to run the research for Trumpington in Cambridge and St Hilary in Cornwall to see just what impact each presidential candidate has had on property demand in their namesakes across the pond.


Hilary Beats Trump-ington

The data shows that property demand in Cambridge as a whole is at a strong 43%. However, property demand in the village of Trumpington has plummeted to just 19% ahead of this week’s election in the U.S.

Property demand in St Hilary in Cornwall is currently at 37%, although this is a similar level to Cornwall as a whole, it is substantially higher than Trumpington in Cambridge.

Hilary Beats Trump-ington

So whilst the U.S election has turned into a case of the lesser of two evils, fingers around the world will be crossed in the hope that our research will mirror the outcome in reality.

Hilary Beats Trump-ington

The prospect of a trump presidency seems to be sending shockwaves further afield than the U.S campaign trail. Even sleepy corners of the British property market seem to be impacted by the unintentional allegiance to each candidate through the names they share.

It’s clear that, where property demand is concerned at least, Hilary is out in front by some way. We’re going to put our hat on this data and call the result of this election a day or two in advance, fingers crossed we’re correct.

Russell Quirk

Founder & CEO, Emoov.co.uk