Estate Agents Still Fourth Least Trusted Profession

Dec 8, 2016

Today a joint report from Mumsnet and Ipsos MORI, combining their annual Veracity Index and online focus groups by Mumsnet, has highlighted that estate agents are the fourth least trusted profession when ranked on opinions about trust, truthfulness and information and experts during the EU referendum campaign.

Just 30% of those asked trusted estate agents to tell the truth, with only journalists, government ministers and politicians in general faring worse.

It’s good to see a poll where estate agents aren’t quite dragging their knuckles in last place where trust and truthfulness are concerned. Coincidence perhaps that they should rise through the ranks a tad, just as the online sector starts to strengthen its grip on the property industry.

Although that said, the public will always treat any news source and politician with a certain degree of scepticism so beating both journalists and politicians to the punch, isn’t quite the gold start of approval it might seem.

Interesting that estate agents should still be viewed as almost half as truthful as lawyers and three times less credible than nurses. It’s clear that estate agency still has a way to go until the industry is perceived with such integrity as hairdressers’

Russell Quirk

Founder & CEO,