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The myths surrounding what time of the year is best for selling property aren’t necessarily correct. The truth of the matter is, any season is a good time to sell depending on who is in the market for your home. Let’s look at how the season in a year play a role in the housing market:


The Spring is commonly known as the perfect time of year to be selling a home for a variety of reasons. Properties with gardens are in full bloom, there is more natural light to accent features of the home, and the milder weather creates a better temperature to go house hunting. It is also an opportune time of year for families to buy a home because the closing date will coincide with the end of a school year.


This can be a trickier time of year, especially for family homes, because children are off school and their parents are either taking care of them or on a family holiday. The early summer months are the ideal period for summer sellers because they can ‘kill two birds with one stone’ by catching the last of the Spring rush, while getting the attention of families before their vacations.


The Autumn is another peak time to be selling a home as the natural light at this time of year can romanticise a property and gardens are also full of a range of colours. Potential buyers are looking to move in before Christmas, therefore, it would be advised to put the property on the market in early Autumn. Once late November hits, the market drastically slows down.


The festive period is perhaps the slowest season for homebuyers because of the chaos that goes along with both preparing a property for viewings and the Christmas season being in full swing. However, things begin to look up in January and it would be best to wait until the new year to put your home on the market to avoid interruptions during the month of December. Since people are in a ‘back to business’ mentality after the holidays, they are more prepared to find their perfect home to have it ready for the spring. That said, it

also pays to shop around during Christmas, as many agents will offer a “sign up, list later” deal, whereby you can take advantage of a reduced listing price but still keep your property listing on ice before going live for the January rush.

There are several outside factors aside from time of year that can affect the sale of a home, such as development, the economy, political climate, housing supply, mortgage and interest rates. But there is no doubt that a house can sell at during any season in the right market with the right research.