How to Sell a Property Online

Jan 27, 2017

As Bob Dylan perfectly put it: “the times they are a-changin’.” Of course, they are evolving everywhere, but there are also significant changes erupting in the property industry. The traditional high street model is currently being disrupted by the online sector, which is an emerging and disruptive force in the industry.

In this new age, it is important to understand how to best sell your house online and utilise all the additional benefits that are offered for a smooth selling process. With this in mind we’ve compiled a list of tips on how to best sell your house online:

Research Agencies

research agencies

The starting point is to find an agency that best suits the criteria that you have to sell your home by shopping around for the best price along with the best credentials. As always, look to AllAgents and Trustpilot for reviews from previous homesellers who will describe their past experiences and make a decision from there, according to value paired with expertise. At Emoov, we rely on transparency and unparalleled, award winning, customer service for a fixed fee of just £795.

Prepare Your Listing

The majority of online agencies will offer free valuations and then sell packages that offer photos, floorplans and marketing on all the major property portals. It is important that these photos and the listing itself are done with professionalism because they will be the first thing that potential buyers look at. Before the photoshoot, the rooms should be decluttered and looking their best for the camera. From there a listing will be prepared and put online and the viewing process can begin. In order to make the quickest sale, you want your home to look in top shape to attract as many buyers as possible.

preparing a home for sale

We offer high quality photos and floor plans and our in-house team will make sure your advert is the best it can be, before going live on all the busiest property websites like Rightmove and Zoopla to ensure maximum traffic while arranging the viewings.

Accessing Your Listing

The beauty of using an agent like us is that you have 24/7 access to your listing to make adjustments, see the arranged viewings and have as much or as little involvement in the sale of your property as you like. We believe in empowering our customers and so the level of input you have is totally up to you!

Keep Your Home Beautiful for Viewings

house viewings

In order to sell your home quickly in any market, you want to ensure that it looks great during viewings. Keeping it clean is obvious, but you also want to remove clutter, strange smells, and traces of pets and children to allow the potential buyer to feel at home while they are inside.

Many online agents will require the seller to do the viewings, although research shows that this is much preferred by the buyer as they are the ones that have the local knowledge to answer those important questions.

However, as a hybrid agency, Emoov has Local Property Directors in certain areas of the country and in London who arrange and do viewings for you.

Besides giving the customer more control in the sale of their home, online estate agents have much lower and fixed fees with superior service in comparison to high street agents.

In addition, and unlike the high street, we are open seven days a week and late into the evening, making us more available for our customers.

The Important Part

Many online agents will submit any offers you receive on your property but then the rest is up to you. At Emoov we do not, as this is the most vital part of the property sale and the time that can be the most stressful.

We have our own in-house team of offer progressors who will deal with everything from the offer being submitted, to chasing third parties in the selling chain, all the way up until you hand over the keys. It is just one of the reasons we are the nation’s favourite and have sold over £2bn worth of property to date.

home offers

With the immense presence of technology in our lives, selling a home online is a no brainer and is slowly becoming the norm. We like to think our mix of great people and outstanding technology is what sets us apart from the rest, but we will let you be the judge of that.

Additional Benefits

We also work closely with some of the leading companies for mortgages, conveyancing and a number of other additional services vital to the sale of your home. Not only does this mean we can keep on top of everything for you, but it also saves you even more money on the sale of your home.