Emoov’s Position on the Housing White Paper

Feb 7, 2017

With the housing white paper announcements on the horizon, Emoov wants to share its position on what the government should include in its latest property strategy. The details are set to be released tomorrow morning and our fingers are crossed for some key points to be covered!

For starters, there should be incentives and penalties given to local authorities and national government departments to identify, release and construct housing on publicly owned land.

Emoov also believes that it would be beneficial for the government to set up their own construction company that would take disused and developable land during the entire process of identification, development brief, planning, construction and sale. In order for this to be successful, there needs to be a corporate-style approach with a CEO overseeing the projects.

Emoov’s Position on the Housing White Paper

There are certain areas of the green belt that can be spared for building homes becaue of their poor aesthetic value and minimal tangible benefit in protecting the urban sprawl. It is important to continue building homes for future generations to ever have the chance of owning property. There are of course certain areas worth keeping and appreciating along the green belt, but the government and environmentalists must meet half way.

Keeping politics out the housing sector could benefit society, and the UK’s property market for years to come. Instead of having local councillors dictate the planning system, a panel of selected planning professionals mixed with councillors from other authorities should make the decision making process more efficient.

Due to the surging property prices, longer term tenancy agreements should be in order for families to be settled and make a home, despite not owning the property. This allows for a safer and more comfortable environment to raise a family without any worries of having to re-sign a lease every 12 months with a landlord.

Emoov’s Position on the Housing White Paper

What about downsizing? If a single person, an Old Age Pensioner, or a couple are living alone in social housing properties, then they should be encouraged to move into a smaller place and allow for a family to live in a multiple bedroom property. With the shortage of council housing available, larger properties should be reserved for larger families that are all living under one roof.

Most importantly, build to rent needs to be implemented because the government is woefully short of its 1m target by 2020 for homes to buy. This number needs to be amended with a more realistic target, something along the lines of 700k. As the housing crisis worsens, less people are able to buy property and are forced to rent.

Although this is only a wish list, it serves as a roadmap for the government to use in improving the housing market across the UK over the next few years to serve the people. As property prices rise, it is becoming more difficult to invest in property and many younger generations could never get on the ladder if changes are not made now.