The timeless competition between England and Wales started well before their first rugby match against each other in 1881, and still persists today outside of the sporting realm. Although, let’s be serious, it’s still very much there in the sporting realm if last Saturday’s Six Nations game is any indication. Although England was crowned the winner in the final minutes of the match, Wales held its own throughout the entire game – this match-up always provokes excitement. Over the years, competition has been tough between both nations. They have rarely played on neutral ground, instead the majority of games have been played in either London or Cardiff. Traditionally, Wales has had a strong team, however, since the birth of the Six Nations tournament in 2000, England has come out on top in more games than Wales. In the 2016 Six Nations tournament, Wales’ only defeat was to England. It must be noted that Wales did beat England in the 2015 World Cup to move on, while England did not make it past the first round.
However, where property is concerned, there is no doubt that England is victorious in 2016. The average property value in the UK is £219,544, a 7.2% annual increase. England’s average property cost is above the national average at £236,422, while Wales struggled a little in 2016 and has average property valued at £148,177. The growth percentages are much the same: England grew by 7.7% and Wales by 7.1%. Over the past year, England’s average house price increased by £16,840, over £10,000 more than Wales’ £6,657 growth.
property is like rugby
But everyone loves an underdog, especially paired with some healthy competition. Stay tuned in both property and rugby between England and Wales to see who will win next time!