When we all thought that musicals mostly fell off the map, La La Land danced into the limelight and captured the world’s heart one song at a time at all the major film festivals and award shows since its release.

It was the favourite to win the Best Picture prize at the 89th Academy Awards this past Sunday night, but halfway into the speeches, Moonlight was announced as the true Best Picture winner.

To honour the revival of musicals, we compiled a list of all the musicals that have won the Best Picture award from the Academy and looked at the property prices in the cities where the films are set to see where music loving property owners can have the most affordable property per square meter.


Topping the list is Chicago, which not surprisingly, is based in the windy city. Of the 11 films on the list, this is the most affordable city to buy property for an average of £2,648 per square meter.



The hills of Salzburg are alive with the sound of music because of lower property prices. Salzburg has property valued at £3,584 per square meter. The Sound of Music won the Best Picture award in 1965.

Los Angeles

Los Angeles

Although it is technically not yet on the winner list, we included La La Land because of the film’s recent win at the BAFTA’s and it is the chosen favourite to win the Oscar for Best Picture this year. Los Angeles’ real estate goes for £3,989 per square meter.


The love capital of the world is the set for An American in Paris and Gigi, which both won Best Picture awards in 1951 and 1958, respectively. A square meter of property averages £8,120 in Paris, which is not so romantic.

San Francisco

The Great Ziegfeld a bit international in where it is set – Chicago, San Francisco, England and Monaco. We chose to look the property value in the Northern California, which has a £9,657 price tag.

San Francisco

New York

This is where the property big leagues begin – double digits per square meter, £10,236 is the average in New York. Three Best Picture films hail from the big apple: The Broadway Melody, Going My Way and West Side Story.


Sad news for Londoners, the home of My Fair Lady and Oliver! has the most expensive real estate on the list at £14,780 per square meter.

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