With Spring right around the corner, homeowners across the UK will be preparing for the annual spring clean, especially those looking to put their home on the market in what is often the busiest time of year.

With this in mind, our latest research has highlighted which jobs to tackle first based on the importance placed by prospective buyers when making a good first impression.

We surveyed UK homeowners and asked them to rank six property features based on their importance on making a good first impression when viewing a house as a buyer. We then created this handy checklist with a few chores, so that UK homeowners can prioritise correctly when tackling the big spring clean and preparing their house for a sale.

Spring Cleaning Checklist

This research goes to show that first impressions do count, but where housing is concerned the initial judgement of the exterior comes second to the internal appearance of a property.

Where buyers are concerned, it would seem they prefer to be underwhelmed by the outside of a property and pleasantly surprised by the inside rooms rather than visa versa.

It makes sense as when we look to move house the internal rooms are the places we will actually be spending our time. You are immediately sat within them and so if they aren’t up to scratch, it can be a put-off. But if there are aspects of the exterior you aren’t necessarily keen on then not only can these always be changed, but you have a bit more breathing room in terms of settling in and unpacking before tackling them.

A buyer will always view through their own personal lens and there will be plenty of things they will change, but providing them with a solid, clean, neutral foundation can go a long way in securing a sale.

It is interesting to see that the small details, such as the front door, the windows and window sills, rank much higher than larger areas such as the garden and driveway. Again it is these little touches that can stand out to a buyer and make all the difference to your sale.

My wife has been on at me for a few weeks now to get our kitchen ready along with a few other jobs, so it is getting to that time of year when these things come to the forefront and buyer activity in the market also starts to heighten.  Hopefully, this checklist will help the UK’s sellers prioritise appropriately when deciding which area to tackle first and aid them in making a sale.

Russell Quirk

Founder & CEO, Emoov.co.uk

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