Both reviews and word of mouth are timeless methods of sharing information, and are often considered the most credible way when making a decision to use a service. It goes without saying that we can trust our friends, but with the rise of technology, the internet has made review sites accessible for anyone, anywhere.

You can plan an entire trip across the world from your kitchen in London based on reviews of airlines, hotels, restaurants and tours. You can hire companies to renovate your home using reviews from past clients. You can be picky with your hobbies like reading, the gym and cultural events all because of reviews. You can even look into future employers who can be reviewed from former employees. The list is endless!

The emergence of online reviews has evolved the concept of customer service. Before it use to be a term that companies would throw about to show they “cared”.

online reviews

But now it impacts way that companies function because their dirty laundry can be aired for all to see and deter future business, or alternatively, great reviews can help establish a company.

Things like customer service, transparency and a winning product can be praised in reviews, which will ultimately draw in more customers.

We recently conducted a survey to find out which advertising methods are most effective when choosing a company for a high value purchase. The results are not surprising.

We asked when making a high value purchase, which advertising mediums usually inspire you to use a specific company?

62% answered through a friend, or word of mouth, based on their experience.

58% answered through a review website.

We then asked them to pick which they thought best qualified a company as experts in their respective industry?

83% based expertise on a company’s review rating.

How did they first hear about Emoov?

review websites

29% were referred through a friend, with a further 14% finding us via review websites.

For 86% of customers this influenced their decision to list with us, with many also using review websites as their final touch point.

These three factors encouraged 86% of Emoov customers to list with us and they are all acquired for free due to our level of customer service.

Although reviews and recommendations extend beyond the property industry, it is crucial to note the importance of customer service in generating a higher volume of customers. In this day and age, it is almost impossible to run a company with bad reviews because everyone has access to review sites that will certainly deter interested customers as they read.

At the end of the day, when it comes to both word of mouth and online reviews, the Beatles said it best: “I get by with a little help from my friends.” This couldn’t be more true!

We’ve always worked hard to be ahead of the curve on customer service. Now, the evidence shows that it’s harder to acquire customers and more expensive if you’ve not been as obsessed about customer care as Emoov is.

Russell Quirk

Founder & CEO,