We took a day out of the office to attend the Credit Suisse’s Digital Conference this week to watch our own Russell Quirk take the stage among a few other familiar and rather distinguished faces. The conference is held annually with four speakers discussing the importance of digital disruption in traditional industries to transform today’s businesses, so it was only natural that Emoov should be invited back to talk.

Microsoft: James Murray

James Murray

James kicked off the morning with a continuation of his presentation from last year. He impressively showed how Microsoft uses technology to facilitate everyday life with its own AI personality: Cortana. With the blind in mind, Microsoft has developed glasses that can detect the surrounding around the person wearing them down to age, facial expressions and colours.

Emoov: Russell Quirk

Russell shared the history of Emoov and how the future of estate agency lies in technology but also, importantly, a blend of great people within the business assisted by great technology. The online estate agency industry has doubled in size in the last two years, currently at 5% of the whole market. By 2020, it will logically be 20% of the market and will continue to grow from there. Russell highlighted that the high-street incumbents had started to realise online was here to stay and he showed the decline in share price of two of the

Russell Quirk

best known businesses in the sector, Countrywide and Foxtons and which he argued was consequential to their inability or unwillingness to react to change.

He also shared a few things that we have been working on. Emoov is disrupting the property industry with its own technology platform HERO2, which took three years and £3m to build under CTO Ivan Ramirez’s team. It is the first of its kind, and was developed with the customer in mind. It’s a huge cost saving tool for Emoov too and ensures that the business is very scaleable.

Carwow: James Hind

James Hind

The first company of its kind, Carwow has revolutionised the car buying business by acting as a middleman between car dealers and people interested in purchasing a new car. The customer can find out where to get the vehicle for the best price, who to deal with at the showroom, and the car can even get delivered directly to the buyer’s home upon purchase completion.

Zoopla: Paul Whitehead

We were thrilled to share the stage once again with Zoopla’s Group Strategy Director Paul Whitehead as he discussed how the company came to be and what their plan is to continue growing. The Zoopla approach is to provide a multitude of features and cost saving opportunities for home owners, home buyers and sellers and their rise to the top of the PropTech space, led by CEO Alex Chesterman has been nothing short of phenomenal.

Paul Whitehead
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